Seascape Yacht Lipe offers yacht cruising for diving and coral reef viewing at Koh Lipe, a new service on Koh Lipe - 2023


Forget about traditional island tours, Seascape Yacht Lipe now offers a new service! Embark on a luxury yacht cruise tour to Koh Lipe, featuring a diving and coral reef viewing program. Exclusively available on Koh Lipe, this tour allows travelers to explore the surrounding areas with a special journey on our luxurious yacht. With our One Day Trip package, we’ll take you to various islands around Koh Lipe, stopping for activities like snorkeling and diving at popular spots in the surrounding waters. Join us for an unforgettable experience combining yacht cruising, diving, and exploration, all in one place!

Our One Day Trip program will take you and your friends for a snorkeling and diving adventure at Koh Lipe.

Koh Hin Nham

Following its name, this island stands out and differs greatly from others. When touring around the Adang-Rawi Islands by Seascape Yacht Lipe, you’ll find beautiful round black rocks adorning the beach instead of the typical white sandy shores. This uniqueness makes Pulau Hin Ngam an attraction for both Thai and international tourists. Note: Locals believe that anyone who visits Pulau Hin Ngam should not take any rocks from the island. If someone does take rocks away, they must return them to their original place, as it is against the park regulations. Let’s all work together to preserve the beauty of this place forever.

Koh rawi

Koh Pi, KohNong, and Koh Adang are all very close, just 1 kilometer apart, so they are collectively called Adang-Rawi Islands. This proximity makes traveling between the islands easy and quick. Pulau Rawi is surrounded by vibrant coral reefs, adorned with various sizes of rocky outcrops and beautiful white sandy beaches, making it a highlight of the Adang-Rawi Islands. Moreover, the central part of the island is a lush natural forest teeming with biodiversity. On our One Day Trip package to Pulau Rawi, we will take our friends to relax and enjoy a midday meal here. You can also enjoy water activities along the beach

Jabang Dive Site

Diving spot Lipe is popular among Thai and foreign tourists who admire the beauty of one of the most beautiful coral reefs, the ‘Seven Color Coral.’ The stunning coral reef formations and the variety of marine life make it a prominent attraction on Lipe Island. When we reach the diving spot, the crystal-clear sea water reveals a landscape of underwater rock formations adorned with vibrant coral reefs and a multitude of fish species swimming around. This allows us to experience the richness of marine life here. We will take our friends on a Seascape Yacht Lipe to dive together.

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